YAOX ENTERTAMMENT INTEGRATION CO., LTD. (YAOX) established in 1994, being the largest commercial film production company in Taiwan and became the pioneer of media production industry during 1980s. In the field of themed entertainment, YAOX has the advantage combining original creation, facility planning and technology to build flawless immersive experience destination.

With storytelling and cultural academic background, YAOX is able to generate plenty of original ideas during planning and design phases plus technical support in architectural, animation, virtual reality and hardware manufacturing bases. YAOX is also experienced to offer project management, installation supervision and art direction services for multi-disciplined projects.

Our service includes: 
Theme park、Spectacular Theaters (Theater Performance, Musical, Disaster Theater, Flying Theater, Show Design, Multimedia Production, Equipment technology, etc.)、Special Cinema (3D, 4D, Motion, Curtain, Ball Screen's Construction, Equipment, System Integration, Media Production, etc.)、Ride Experience System (Dark Ride, Interactive Dark Ride, Trick Track Coaster, Water Ride, Boat Ride, 3D Boat Ride, Parades , Water Rides, etc.)、Public Art (Stage Show, Musical, Spectacular Show Action – Original Theme & Script, Stage Art Design, Media Production, Equipment Technology, Theatre & Operation Assistance, etc.)、Performance Show (Lake Show, Flame Effects Show, Fountain Show, Special Effects Show, etc.)、World Expo、Museum、Commercial & Resort Centre